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Entrance in the cave


Mystical Cave is one of the tourist spot in Antipolo City. It is maintained by Inday Nelly. You can see here many religious and holy stalagmite and stalactite formed by water. From the name itself, "Mystical" because of the holy images found inside the cave. The water and stone inside the cave is said to be precious because it can heal sick people and can protect you from harm. They believe that the stone inside the cave can be your "anting-anting" . This place is religious, because of the rocks that forms different images of Jesus, Adam and Eve, Nazarene, Mama Mary, Pieta, Holy Trinity, St. Peter, St. Bernadette and many more. And of course the holy water and precious water that drips of to the cave can heal people.


In 1970, Inday Nelly Deles discovered the Mystical Cave. They say that when she is 7 years old, she had dreams, visions about this cave. She is from Ilo-Ilo and she travelled around the country to find the cave that she was dreaming about. Until she reached Antipolo. When she found the cave, the hole of the cave is just like a coin, using gelignite, it exploded forming entrance thru the cave. Every Lenten season or Holy Week, many people visits the cave or even they sleep or over night in here. Mystical Cave it's not just an attraction to those who love to explore but also for those who are religious, and learning instuitions because many rocks samples are seen in the cave. It is 8 storeys deep but only the first floor is the allowed to be visited. It is located it Sitio Boso-boso, Barangay San Jose, Antipolo City. Entrance fee is PHP30.00.
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Different rocks
Stalagmite and Stalactite
Mystical Caveis located in Puting bato. The water that drips inside the cave is said to be holy because it can heal illness. The road that leads to the foot of the mountain is not allowable for the vehicles because it is close for boring. Only the tricycles will lead you to the dirty road for PHP50.00. Many vendors selling "palamig" and other foods. Religious stuffs are being sold at the foot of the mountain. When you reach the top of the mountain you will pay PHP30.00 for the entrance. Many local tour guides are accessible to guide you inside, you can give them any amount there is no fix amount. In the entrance alot of vendors are selling candles. Each color of the candles represents different desire. There are some alcove that are not accessible for the tourists. There are also areas that professional mountaineer only could enter. They said that many tourist are being lost because they go on their own. The passage is really compressed. There is a chamber that is called "The Cathedral". The ceiling looks like a cathedral. Sometimes they held mass in here. They also have their own "Puting Krus" . On the top of the mountain you will see three crosses.

During the Japanese era, japanese hid some treasures in some caves in Antipolo. Several years ago there were rumors of treasure hunters around the area.


Top of the mountain
From Katipunan Avenue go straight through Marcos Highway towards Masinag. At the Masinag intersection, head on straight towards Cogeo. At the Cogeo intersection, head straight eastward still for about another 3.5 kms until you see a row of identical apartment buildings (formerly a motel but now the Sta. Eugenia College). Turn right into a wide dirt road at the first corner. About 2 kms onward, after passing through a quarry area, carefully look for a signboard on the left side welcoming you to the site of the Mystical Cave.


This place is famous for the other filmmakers. This place was used from the movies like, Enkantadia, Pedro Penduko, Spirit Warriors, Dyesebel, Marina and Asian Treasure are some of the movies that are filmed inside the cave