Antipolo City

City's History.

   The city's name was derived from the TIPOLO TREE (Autocarpus Incisa ) Which are abundant in the place before. The city's history was recorded by the Franciscan Missionary way back before 1578. The missionaries came to "Christianize" the Dumagatas
, Tagals, Indians and Aetas. People also said that the Franciscans are the ones who built the "Boso-boso Church".

   Years after, there came the Jesuits who took the place of the Franciscans. Some of them were  Fr. Chirino and Fr. Almarique. That was in year 1591. The first tagalog homily was spread in the known "Pinagmisahan Hills" The place was full of tropical trees and other wild life. There are also many waterfalls and springs connecting to the most popular falls "Hinulugang Taktak".

   Governor Juan Nino de Tabora brought the image of the blessed Virgin Mary in Mexico. That was  March 25, 1626 before Governor Juan Nino de Tabora died. The Virgin Mary was sent back to the City and was installed somewhere in Sitio Sta. Cruz. The image was lost many times, and each time that it is lost it would be found on a Tipolo Tree. 

Why do people visit Antipolo City?

It's simply because Antipolo City has it's unique alluring charm. There are a lot of places, scenes, views, festivals and other more that only this city has. Once you've been here for sure you'll keep on coming back to experience more things in the said city. Every visit you'll make, you'll be leaving th city with a big smile while your head is saying "YES, I'll be going back here. :D" 


I myself is from Antipolo City. I can say so that this city is cool. You'll enjoy the place once you're here. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit. :) I'm sure that you'll keep on coming back to see more beautiful things in this city. There are also many historical places here. There's the Antipolo Cathedral, Pinagmisahan Hill, Hinulugang takatak, Boso-boso church, you can also see manila over here. You'll see the lights of manila and a lot more. I'll be posting some pictures for you to see what I'm telling. If I were you COME & VISIT Antipolo City. :D (More blogs will be posted)

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